Is Sex Really a Part of Love?

Have you been in love? Have you been in a relationship where there is no commitment but you are doing stuffs that couples are doing? Or maybe, you are in a relationship but you don’t want to do things that can make your relationship spicier. You don’t want to do it because all of your life you believe that sex is a forbidden stuff especially when you’re not yet married. But sex, is it really a part of love?

“Sex is an expression. So you do sex to express your love” – Cheska, 219

In her 20 years of her existence, I’m with her for seven years and we’ve shared a lot of 13872834_1489306014428445_4379858103575651209_nsecrets. From those crazy little crushes turned into puppy love. First kiss to first true love and definitely heart breaks. We shared stories and experiences we both have. And how we ended up giving our everything to the one we adore the most, we share the same thought.

I asked her “Cheska, part ba ng sex ang love?” 

She immediately answered: “Oo, part siya. Kasi sabi sa philosophy namin sex is an expression. So you do sex to express your love, kaya for me part siya. And sex strengthens relationship, depende nga lang kung yung ibang tao is ginagawa lang yung sex para masarapan. May mga ganun kasi, imbis na love nagiging lust. Sometimes you need to spice up your relationship. Of course being intimate with one another is going to bring you two closer. Sex will keep your relationship hot and spontaneous.” 


When she lost her virginity, I’m the first one she consulted. I understand her. Why wouldn’t I? I did it first. I listened to her and told her that it’s okay as long as you do it for love. As long as you will still take care of yourself . People may think that sex is a disgusting thing to do when you’re not yet married. But I believe that it is okay to do such as long as you love the person. We believe that it can make your relationship spicier and will bring you two closer.

I can personally say that it really can because of the feeling of she or he is definitely yours. All of him, all of her. Even when you’re not saying any word but you know that you two understand each other. The connection and being one will make you closer. Sex may be a part of love. But lust, is part of sex. There’s a big difference. If someone tried to disrespect you, your opinion and what you believe in, then that person doesn’t really care for you. Always put your mind first.

There are plenty reasons why sex is important. You can read it in here.

But let’s be honest, we all know that you can have sex without love. People do that all the time. You can call it a one night stand, booty calls, hook ups or whatever you like. You can have love without sex. People do that as well especially older couple who are very much in love, just not having the need to physically express it. Another example, is waiting until you got married. Doing things will always depend on who you are and what you believe in.

Let’s face it, most couples nowadays are doing such and that’s how they express their love for each other. Love is like a tree and it has so many branches and sex, is one of them. But love will not be based in doing sex Always remember that love is more powerful than sex. Love is being patient, kind and understanding. It is when your partner completes you. Love is when you accept all of his or her flaws. It is when you are selfless and he she will be on the top of your priority.

Always remember that it’s your body, it’s your decision and your responsibility. You can do things you want and you know what’s best for you. You can say that sex is a part of love or it is not. Always put in mind that people have different opinions and point of views. Respect each other and that’s how you’ll gain respect in yourself.

So sex, is a part of love, only if you want it to be.


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