LIFEFUL AMSTERDAM written by Meryll Pangan

Among Europe’s gems, The Netherlands is one of the country that can shine. A part of it is none other than it’s capital city, Amsterdam.

The city is a place of grand facades and magnificent environment. A place where people are busy taking pictures of the historical buildings, looking on their maps because probably most of the people there are tourists, riding bicycles, eating their packed lunches on the benches around, and where doves are freely strolling around and hunting for the leftovers of the people, where the sounds of the train and tram added beauty to the existing sweet drama of the place, and where you can see the excited soul of everyone.

Lots of Museums

Amsterdam has a lot of museums to offer. Some of them are Madamme Tussauds, Rijksmuseum and the famous Anne Frank’s house which basically turned out into a museum.

Madamme Tussauds is a wax museum wherein the replicas of the famous celebrities and known people are being displayed. Some of those people are Johnny Depp, Michael Jackson and the power couple of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

The Rijksmuseum, on the other hand, is located on the south part of the city that basically caters the paintings, vintage cabinets, chairs, tables and even the huge doll houses that were owned by the rich people of the past.

Anne Frank’s house, moreover, is one of the most visited place due to the obvious pile of line that it reach even if it’s just early in the morning. Anne Frank became famous because of her diary that involves her and her family’s experience during the World War II. The actual house is still there but the things were moved out for preservation. Inside, posters and live discussions about Anne Frank were given to make everyone follow her lifestory. At the end of the journey inside, there is a commentary show about Anne Frank, and people can also put their experience and feelings towards this famous girl with the famous diary.

Outdoor Activities

One activity the tourists never missed is the smalll boat cruises along the river of Amsterdam. While people are sitted on their spots on the boats, they are able to savor the atmosphere and air of the city.

Another famous activity on the place is biking. Basically, bicycles are the country’s main mode of transportation and people take the opportunity to do it there by renting bicycles on to the different rental stores around.
Famous Landmarks

Have you heard of the movie “The Fault In Our Stars”? Well, the tragedy romantic movie was basically shot on the city and due to the popularity of the movie, the city has gained more attention. One of the famous contribution of the movie was the bench where the two main actors sat. Due to its popularity, the original bench was stolen but soon replaced by another one and once you visited the spot, love locks and couple vandalisms will be seen.

At night, the city turns out into some place where most men would like and benefit –the Red Light District. The said area is a place where girls are projected in a glass door while wearing lingeries and bikinis. If the glass doors are being covered with curtain, then you know that something’s happening.

Next, the whole Netherlands is being famous due to their windmills. When you look around, there’s not a spot where there is no mill. It also one of the symbols of the city and the whole country.

Must try

While Belgium is being famous of their chocolates and waffles, the Netherlands basically have the cheese. The country, specially Amsterdam, has a lot of variations of cheese and cheese stores to look for.

Next, Amsterdam is the birth place of Heineken, the famous dutch beer, and going to the factory and trying a sip is also one of the things you shouldn’t miss.

Haring or the fresh salted fish is another dutch dish one must try. It is considered as one of the main food of the country and so, though it doesn’t look appeticing, still it should not be put out on the list.


There is still more to see and more to experience. Amsterdam is a city easy to fall in love with and so, most people wish to get back there.

Amsterdam is a busy place but full of life. Be there and see for yourself.


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