My Best Friend Is Womom

“Life’s a soup and I just happen to be a fork.” quotes Alexandra Tan, mother to her little Czarina Cassandra whom she affectionately nicknames “Coolets”.


Alexandra, or “Lexa” for short, likens herself to a fork for being unlucky in most situations that life has put her in. She takes a particular resentment to love and relationships, as these things brought her nothing but heartache. She’s had one too many failed relationships and has shed too many tears in the past.


Despite having a sour history on love, Lexa is a smart lady with a bright, quirky personality. It’s a mystery why she hasn’t found real love. She may not be quite the adventurer but her homebody lifestyle is outshined by her excellent academic performance and her healthy social life.

Her favorite activities include experimenting with makeup – a hobby she shares with me. She also likes to swim occasionally to maintain her fitness.


Lexa is one of those “low-maintenance” friends who may not always be around but will always be available should you need company or somebody to lean on. She’s blunt and will outright tell you when you’re on the wrong side of things but this trait is what separates her from the rest. She’s brave and straightforward and will defend you from anyone who insults you …by insulting them back, behind their backs. She can be quite the comedian.

She’s easily angered when people gossip about her and her daughter, and she has developed a long-term agitation over her daughter’s father for being a womanizer. These are only two things that could anger her because she’s generally light-hearted and bubbly, and that’s what people love most about her.


We both have a passion for makeup and are always trying out new looks. We enjoy the moments we share when we fix each other’s eyebrows or make sure our highlights are on point. Aside from beauty, Lexa enjoys sharing some time with her daughter. She also lets me play with Coolets and she involves me when shopping for baby clothes in Divisoria. With the arrival of Coolets, I’ve seen Lexa become happier and more responsible, and our friendship couldn’t have been better. It makes me forget that she had all those troubles in the past because on the brighter side of things, she was gifted a charming little girl to bring her back the smiles that heartbreak once stole from her. She may liken herself to a fork but she may be one of the prettier, rarer ones that still make her win.


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