Girls Can Make it Happen

Before, women are only viewed in the society as weak and incapable with limited rights and freedom. In fact, women can also do what men can do. Women can drive a car, can fix a home appliances, can be a boss, can be a manager and a leader. They can do all these things with an outstanding performance.

ICT can be a powerful catalyst for women empowerment and the promotion of gender equality. Women are now provided with training for ICT related jobs to build their capacity. Today, images of women are used as sex symbols on the internet but by increasing women’s access to new technology especially the internet, their ability to combat negative portrayal can be strengthened through the use of ICT.

There are many aspects of life to empower women:

Economic Empowerment

 There are technologies and networking tools that can be used to make women connected to new and wider markets, broaden their social network and provide information that opens important economic opportunities for creating business and employment for women to be the owner of their business.


Socio- Economic Empowerment

These includes health and education. In terms of health, there is a little attention given to address women’s health concerns. Sexual and reproductive rights are one of the issues. ICT is used to combat HIV/ AIDS. Women are at greater risk of HIV infection, but thanks to ICT which provides health information and innovation to cure diseases. In terms of education, there are many strategies made on educating women in poor communities and teaching them computer literacy have that demonstrates the value of ICT.

Political Empowerment

New technologies help in political participation and advocacy. Women’s media and communications networks are taking full advantage of new technologies to amplify the voices of marginalized women. Through ICT, alternative media organizations and NGO’s were able to cover issues that were not given much attention by the mainstream media. E- governance is also one of ICT’s product that is significant for public participation in women empowerment and gender equality.

Violence Against Women


credits to sevavotes

  According to World Health Organization, Violence Against Women (VAW) is an intimate partner violence and sexual violence which is a major public health problems and violation of women’s human rights. For ICT to be an effective tool for advocacy on violence against women, the needs and realities of women must be identified and addressed.

We cannot limit the capacity of women to make decision, to participate in decision- making, to improve governance and overcome isolation by hearing their voice. ICT, has done a lot of things to empower women. With these, girls can make it happen.




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