I’m Going to Get There

Being an only child and having a broken family at such a young age can give you attitude which no one ever can understand. Growing up on your own will lead you in making decisions without having the knowledge which is right and which is wrong. And without parents telling you how to deal with problems in life and how to handle situations, it will made you do things on your own without proper learning in how to really handle such. You will explore things and discover experiences on your own and with that, sometimes, those decisions you’ve chose to do, will just lead you to the wrong path, the wrong way.


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born on the 20th day of May, 1996 been through tough times and have overcome problems in the twenty years of his existence. High school life for him means just having fun and spending time with his friends. School for him, is just a playground where you’ll slide and climb different phases in life. You’ll get hurt or might fall but you’ll still stand up because that’s how you’ll continue happiness that you’re enjoying now. That’s how he see life. That’s how he is. He brought that attitude without knowing that college life is the real deal.

Having an ambition of becoming an engineer, after he graduated high school in the year 2013, he soon enrolled in Mapua Institute of Technology. Spending almost a year in that school made him realize that it is a new environment to be adjusted from. Before ending the school year, he had a problem with his mom which caused him to transfer in different University. It led him here. Year 2014, he took up Business Management here in UE Caloocan, studying while doing things a student must not do, caused him to have low grades and singkos which made him decide to shift in studying Mechanical Engineering instead. In his second semester, the year 2014 has been shitty for him and having a broken heart without no one to turn to, made him to give up on his studies. He began smoking, going clubs, drinking alcohols until the sun rises and even tried smoking weeds. He spent his year doing things he taught would make him
better but instead, it just made things worse. He stopped, he gave up in studying because his mindset was “Eh ano naman kung di ako mag-aaral? Yayaman naman ako kahit di ako magtapos eh” His whole 2015 has been a mess. Discovering things on his own and having a mindset that he can do all things on his own because that’s how things work. That’s life and that’s how it is. And when 2016 starts, he then realized and said to himself, “Tangina.Ayoko na ng ganito. Gusto ko ng magbago”

He started to spend money on his own, buying basketball shoes, buying clothes, treating his friends, and reading books. He started to love books and buy different genres of novels. He stopped thinking about love and just waited for it to come. 16th of February is a memorable one for him because that day, he didn’t expect that the one who’ll change his life had crossed his path. He fell in love. Without even knowing, without even trying, he did. And it changed his world. He started to have goals in life, dream about the future and have a good one. He had a goal, and that is to have a happy family with that girl he never dreamt he’ll have. And to be able to get that goal, he had to change his point of view and had to give up things that are not significant for our lives. He stopped smoking and drinking, he’s now studying Business Management again and has a high grades in all of his subjects even. Now he realized that to have a better future, you have to be better.


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g up alone and being in a broken family taught you that life is tough. But having a broken one made you to hope for having a happy and complete one in the future. Making decisions on your own is good, but having someone who can be your companion in making those is better. Living life alone is great some times, but while you’re down, it’s always better to have someone who will pick you up and hug you so tight that all of your broken pieces will be together. Because just like that famous quote states, “No man is an island” it’s always better to live in an island with that girl of your life.


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