Celebrity Politicians written by Meryll Pangan

In this generation that we have now, we are being called as the millenials. Millenials that is more aggressive than of the past generations. We are said to have more concern on what is happening around us.

Right now, we can feel the campaign heat for the national elections and we see a lot of politicians that differs from the other. One thing that never changes during campaign period is the presence of these celebrity politicians vying for their position in the government. These celebrity politicians, unlike those who really started off as politicians, were those who easily gain votes from the mass due to the exposure they had on television and on public places. They were also said to be one of the attractions during these times because people were more attentive to their physical appearance and to their physique rather than to what they can really give to the people.

Another, people chose who to vote on these celebrity politicians on how recognizable the celebrity is to the crowd. Questions like “Is the celebrity popular in a particular region? Is he or she influential in certain religious groups or sects? What image does he or she possess in the industry?”. Once answered, the public will then choose the celebrity he or she will vote. Celebrities who made it through the politics were President Joseph Estrada, Herbert Bautista, Manny Pacquiao, Tito Sotto and many more. In the said list of celebrities, we can see that they’re not just those celebrities who act on the big screen, they have already established their name on the people and it is one factor why they’ve become succesful entering politics.

In a country where politics and showbiz are intertwined and where personalities easily shift between the two realms, it is common to confuse credibility with popularity and genuine endorsement with mere advertisement and now we should be more careful on choosing who to vote. Popularity nowadays shouldn’t be our basis on whom to give the positions in the government. We are called the millenials and with that, we should be wise in choosing the right people to govern us.


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