A Mother’s Love written by Eliza Mae Avellana

“My mother is pure radiance. she is the sun I can touch and kiss and hold without
getting burnt.” ― Sanober Khan

As she enter the room and crawl
on her bed, the tears started to fall.

She smiles as if she doesn’t cried. She laughs as if she doesn’t struggling. She take care of her children more than herself. Seeing them happy, hearing them laughing makes her heart flutters, but when she saw them crying it makes her heart broken more than anyone else do. She can easily notice the slightest changes that occurs on them. She’s strong. For her children,she’s their Wonder woman. That she can do anything. But they doesn’t know that their Wonder woman are also struggling. Behind those smiles, loving voice is a mother who silently crying every night, yearning and praying for the Lord will hear her prayers and miseries
in life.

On how she easily notices every thing, that’s hard for her children not to notice what’s going on, on her mind. No one dared to ask what she feels. No one notices when she got sick. No one dared to ask how’s her day went. No one dared to wipe off her tears, like what she’s doing on them every time they’re crying. How hard for her children to notice the pain she’s carrying? She’s make her children believes that she can carry everything.

But despite of the pains,she still keeps going on with her life. As long as, she see her children happy and complete that is enough for her to keep fighting for more challenges may occur in her life. No matter what problem she’s been dealing with, once she saw the smile plastered on her children faces, it makes her heart at peace.

The children, we are too busy on anything that is going around us. We forgot the person who always there for us. We keep on crying, helping, and even loving people who don’t deserve even a bit of our attention and yet we keep on doing it. We neglect her as if she doesn’t have a big part on our life. Why do we keep on neglecting people who only wish is the success in our life? When is the last time, we hug our mom and said I Love You? Are we really still waiting for something bad before we going to wake up from today’s dream? And do we really wait for the day to come, and the only thing we can say is “it’s too late?”.


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