“Life goes on, kung wala na. Tama na.”


It is never easy just to move on and forgive and forget things that somehow made you happy and has a big impact on your life. Leaving you many questions doubting yourself, what goes wrong, and what does the tomorrow has to offer? Also leaving some emotional and psychological effect from trust issues to generalization of people that comes to your life because of what you’ve experience.

Maricel, 19

Maricel talks about her recent relationship, how it ended and what is her present perspective. She said that it is hard yet accepting it is the only key. She discussed that ending that relationship leaves her a question, what is wrong? And started to doubted herself and her partner.

“Nasanay kasi ako na kausap siya, binaling ko na lang sa iba yung atensyon ko…”

She said that she paid attention to others for her not to overthink what has happened and not be deceived by the pain, because it is more easy to forget the memories that they shared. She also added that there is a moment where they talk about what is their status now and it convince her that it is really time to end their relationship.

Maricel 2

“Ang hirap ng magtiwala…”

She said that it is really hard to trust someone again, it is hard to be attached to someone again and that if someone comes to her life again, she said that just go and see if it can redefine her experience. For now, she doesn’t want to generalize what can and will happen and all that she wanted is to enjoy what best has life to offer.

It may be hard, painful and hard to accept what has happened but life doesn’t stop there and we must keep going. We should be positive on our life and not overthink things. Instead of thinking the negative things, we should be always keep in mind that nothing has been wasted because we’ve been happy those times.

Maricel 3

“But loving you is worth all the time we borrowed”


-Jensen and the Flips



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